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Your Rebel Plans*

Part Two of Living Your Best Life

I was lucky enough to have reviewed the first book of this three book series, Your Rebel Dreams, which I loved for how it gets you focused on your values and vision. The author continues the Rebel Diva series with another exceptional book to help you figure out how to bring your dreams into fruition with goals and a solid plan. As in the other book, the author is teacher and cheerleader. She gives solid guidelines to help you figure out your goals and action plans, and she truly comes across as someone who cares whether or not you’re able to do what this book lays out.

The book is structured thus: a long introductory section on a variety of topics meant to get you ready for the process, the core of the book split into weeks with concrete goals for each week, and a wrap-up section. The first portion is meant to knock down barriers and build confidence through structured exercises. The weekly part that follows is broken down into making smart goals, making an action plan to achieve those goals, checking in to see how you are doing, and how to get it done. At the end of each week, there is a little check-in section to see how you’re feeling about the process. The final section is something I think has great power even though it is short. I love the ideas of making a pledge to yourself and having long-term check-ins and reevaluations.

The author is so supportive that I think this series is worthwhile for any woman who wants to coalesce what her dreams are and bring them to fruition so she can have the life that she wants. It is a beautiful process that has been outlined by a caring person who has clearly walked the talk. She adds fantastic freebies that enhance the book, like a printable PDF that you can use as you follow along as well as a free book about busting your fears. The author means to empower women to live openly and joyously aligned with their values, and I think she has created a series that can do just that.