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The Candy Cane Caper by Josie S. Kilpack

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The Candy Cane Caper*

Sweet Christmas Cozy

For me, reading holiday romance and mysteries are the equivalent of watching all those syrupy holiday Hallmark movies; I’m more of a reader than a watcher. I am so glad to have found this particular holiday mystery. While I don’t mind a mystery with dead bodies and the like, of course, it is refreshing to read a holiday cozy mystery where there is nothing too heavy. The mystery involved in this book has to do with missing Christmas ornaments. As such, I would call it a rather gentle, even sweet mystery. Honestly, it is more about the family and friend relationships in the community of the book. Amateur sleuth and baker Sadie is stressed because she wants to make the perfect holiday for her blended family. She and husband, Pete, are having all their children and grandchildren from their first two marriages coming to town for the big day. I love watching the interaction between Sadie and Pete. They are a loving couple, and I appreciate it when stories feature a middle-aged couple. Why should all the young people always have all the fun? The mystery involves the disappearance of the valuable ornaments of a very dear nonagenarian whose eyesight and Health are failing. Despite everything else that she has going on, Sadie can’t help but get involved. Another cool aspect of this book is that recipes are scattered throughout, starting with Snow Flurry cookies and ending with a delicious-sounding Cunningham’s Candy Cake with chocolate ganache. If you enjoy reading holiday mysteries and don’t mind that they’re on the kinder side (no death), this sweet caper cozy mystery may be right up your alley.

Witch Myth Christmas by Alexandria Clarke

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Witch Myth Christmas*

Paranormal Christmas a la Groundhog Day… Plus!

The first part of this book feels like a paranormal holiday version of Groundhog Day. Christmas day keeps repeating over and over with slight variations. Only one person seems to be aware of the time slip. I quite enjoyed this author’s writing style. She uses active verbs and deep point of view that makes you feel like you are living the story along with Noelle as she tries to figure everything out. There is a little bit of an information dump at the beginning, including the rather hackneyed use of a window so that a first-person narrator can describe herself, but this is written better than most, so I can forgive it. I loved following the twists and turns of the story. A fun and engaging read.


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