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I am an avid and voracious reader of most genres and topics. I get most of my books to review from sites like Booksprout, BookSirens, Edelweiss, and NetGalley, but I definitely love being contacted by authors directly to review their books. I reviews books from self-published and traditionally published authors.

Fiction Preferences

I’m a huge fan of romance or any other genre with a strong romantic component. Other favorite genres include fantasy, science fiction (especially space opera or ones with strong female leads), paranormal, cozy mysteries, amateur sleuth mysteries, and thrillers (especially legal or psychological). The only one I won’t consider is horror. I also don’t like violent books; OK if it is minimal and truly contextual. I encourage you to look at my blog feed on the main page of the website to get a sense of the books I like to read. I do not read books with profanity, excessive violence, or elements of BDSM (from mild on up).

Nonfiction Preferences

I love how-tos of any type, and books about writing, technology, science, medicine/health/wellness, history, business (especially entrepreneuriship), self-help/transformation, spirituality, metaphysics & new age topics, music, cooking, and crafts. I don’t like anything sports related, but I am open to just about anything else. I have a varied work history, which informs some of my choices. I was an RN, which is why I love anything to do with physical or mental health. I’ve been a proofreader for over 30 years (for big companies and freelance), so I love books about the writing process. I have been and am an entrepreneur in a variety of businesses (included legal massage, property inspection, specialty food, affiliate marketing, and author services).

Actually, I love nonfiction and don’t get to review enough of it! If you have a nonfiction title that interests me… you might jump to the front of my queue!

Where I Post Reviews

I post all my reviews on my website here, Reading Fanatic Reviews. I also always put my reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, if the book is available there. I post good reviews on BookBub. I will sometimes post on other vendors like Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Google Play. I will sometimes do iTunes, but the app frustrates me for posting reviews. If I really love your book, I might post to my Facebook business page, ReadEditMarketWrite. Tell me where your book is available, and I’ll decide where to post!

Other Things to Know

I always give my honest opinion, even if it is unfavorable. I do regularly give one-star reviews. I am not actually a fan of giving star ratings in general, as it is hard to sum up a book that way; a full review is better. I don’t put star ratings on this website. I do, of course, post star ratings on the sites that require them. If you want to see how I give star ratings, check out my profiles at Amazon and Goodreads. I do try to be very specific about what I like and dislike. I will never just say, “This sucks!” Rather, I point out what doesn’t work for me. I take my responsibility to future readers seriously, so I point out things about books other readers may care about. If I love your book, I may gush and go on forever. (Longest review at this point is just shy of 1000 words!)

Particular things that drive me batty: a misleading cover; a blurb that doesn’t accurately reflect the book; poor grammar, punctuation, and usage; stilted or unnatural language; profanity, excessive violence, BDSM if it is not explicitly stated in the blurb (I will refuse books with these elements if known); disorganized text for nonfiction (i.e., a book that doesn’t deliver on the promise of the title, subtitle, and blurb); incorrect medical information (I was an RN; I am available for consulting on the medical aspects of books); poorly plotted stories; devices used only to further the plot; “deus ex machina” resolutions. I am a freelance copyeditor/proofreader and writing coach, so “writerly” issues will cause me to give a more negative review, even if a story delivers “the feels.” I do try to list both negative and positive in a review.

Never ask me to take down or amend a review for your liking. I never do either, with one exception. If I mention something that I don’t like (say, bad grammar, punctuation, or usage or a cover that doesn’t reflect your book) and you fix/change it, I am happy to revise my reviews on all vendors, book fan sites, and this website. I love it when an author takes constructive criticism to heart!

I do not guarantee that I will review your book, even if I accept it, or that I will review it in time for a launch (if applicable). I will do my best, but I do have an active life outside of book reviewing!

How you may use my reviews

I have had issues with this in the past, so I want to be clear. If you like my review, you may use it in promotional material, on your website, and in social media if you give me attribution (Jamie BJ or Jamie Brydone-Jack); links back to this website are appreciated as reciprocity is lovely. If you did not like my review, you MAY NOT share it just so you can analyze it, tear it to shreds, attack me, try to evoke sympathy from others, or use it as negative publicity to drive sales. If I find out that you have done any of these, I will update my review to show your actions and pursue action with your webhost, Goodreads, etc., to get them to honor my copyright and/or make you comply with their Terms of Service.

Preferred Format

MOBI. I love my Kindle!


Write to me through the form below. I usually respond within 24 to 48 hours.

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