Your Rebel Dreams*

Discover Your Passion and Vision to Motivate Your Life

Your Rebel Dreams is the first book in a three-book series that’s all about empowering women to find their purpose and passion and put a plan of action around that to make it all a part of your life. This first book is about finding your passion so you can have a better vision of the life you want to live. She defines passion as your Flair plus your Zone plus your Joy plus your Service. I’ll explain these terms below, but all of this that makes up passion must be encompassed within your values.

This is a workbook, and she has a 100+ page file available for download so you can print out the questions, allowing you to answer them easily. Very handy for an electronic workbook. It’s broken down into nine weeks of questions. There are a few introductory essays and ideas to think about before you start the official nine weeks as well. Uplifting short essays are also scattered throughout and appear at the end.

She defines Flair as what you do well, your talents or what you’re good at. Your physical environment, the people around you, and the information you will watch or absorb is your Zone. What you love doing is your Joy, and Service is what you can give to the world based your talents and skills. Week one is about values, and weeks 2 through 4 are about your Flair, your Zone, and your Joy. She gives three whole weeks to Service. Then she wraps up week nine by pulling these all together in one big vision for your life and having you make a pledge to yourself. At the end of each section, there is a brief check-in to see how you’re feeling with the process.

If you want to dig deep to find your passion and vision–or simply want to reflect things you do well, things you enjoy, or what you can do to help others– this book is chock-full of encouragement, tips, and suggestions, as well as the exercises that get you thinking deeply about yourself. It will give you a great start to help you understand yourself if you want to move forward with living a life that is aligned with your passion and vision. I look forward to reading the rest of the series.

I received a free review copy, but this did not affect my review.