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Yoga for Beginners*

Maybe Not the Best Book for True Beginners

While this book does offer some useful information on yoga practice, Parts of it were just strange, the organization of the book was not quite right, and I thought it could be confusing for beginners.

Some common yoga terms were thrown around a bit too much without proper explanation when they were mentioned, which I think could be confusing for a beginner. By the way, this book doesn’t have any photos in the eBook version, so if you are truly a yoga beginner, you will most likely have difficulty following the directions for the poses without any visual reference. I thought some chapter titles were slightly bizarre. The title for Chapter 3, Most Common Reasons Why You Must Start Yoga, seems a bit commanding. Maybe the author should have said something along the lines of “most common reasons why people start yoga” or “most common reasons to consider yoga.” But I think a gentler title for this chapter should have been used. Chapter 8’s title is How You Can Supercharge your Diet with Easy Yoga Stretches. When I read this in the table of contents, I did not see how diet and yoga stretches had anything to do with each other, and when I looked at the chapter itself, the author didn’t draw any parallels.

I also thought the organization of the book was a bit strange. In a book like this, where there’s straight-up information and practical things like poses, I think it should be organized so that all the straight-up information is at the beginning of the book and all the different pose chapters should be at the end. Some topics are split into two chapters, like the brief chapter about yoga for weight loss followed by a chapter with poses and exercises for yoga with weight loss. Sometimes the informational chapter was so short, like for weight loss, that I just think they could have been combined into a single chapter that first listed on the benefits and considerations for the topic and then good yoga poses and exercises for it.

In eBook form, I don’t think this book works as it doesn’t have pictures or diagrams of the poses. I don’t know if the physical version of the book has these. I think this book could be a little confusing to true beginners. Therefore, I do not feel like I can recommend this book.

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