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Wolf Blessed*

Fae Princess in Post-Apocalyptic World

Wolf Blessed follows the adventures of a fae princess who ran away from the fae realm only to wind up in a post-apocalyptic world where the fae are blamed for the disaster! A wolf shifter honor guard sent by her mother, the queen, finally tracked her down, but Rhianna does not want their help. Soon, she’s captured by people who believe that having a full-blood Fae like her will help them restore balance and order to the world. Her wolf honor guard retrieves her a few weeks later, but they find something else dark and mysterious going on where she was held.

Will Rhianna stay with her wolves this time and let them protect her? Does the fae have something to do with causing the apocalypse? Will Rhianna and the wolves get back to the fae realm? What strange experiment are the bad guys doing with the witches?

Goodness, this book had a lot going on in it! It’s a relatively short book, so with so much going on, there wasn’t as much space as I would have liked for characterization. I liked the wolf honor guard; they were all that that name suggests. I would have loved to have seen her have more time with the wolves.

If you like fast-paced shifter novels and don’t mind that there’s not much characterization, you might enjoy this relatively quick read.