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Wild Prey*

Cold Case Re-examined, with Historical Context

A park ranger in northern Israel finds a woman left for dead on the side of the road in a national park. She lives, but the police don’t figure out her attacker, and the case is dropped. When the park ranger’s finances are audited, he and the auditor discuss the case and wish to delve into it to see what they can figure out. They get involved in far more than they bargained for.

I’m not that familiar with the history of Israel. This is woven into the story–an integral part of it–and is almost as much of a character as the park ranger! I also learned some about the cultures of the Arab and Bedouin peoples. It was fascinating to have a fictional look at cultures I knew little about; nothing makes history come alive like living it through the eyes of fictional characters. The author writes well, with phrases that are evocative of time and place. The story pulled me right in. The characterization is deep. This definitely is a thriller–even if at times it is a little slow going–and I could understand why the park ranger couldn’t let this mysterious happening go.

If you are interested in a thriller that is a little different, you might enjoy this book.