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When Average Sucks*

It’s All About Change

This book is an extended excerpt from this author’s other book that I had previously reviewed which was about doing two dangerous things each year. So if you’ve read that book, you don’t need to read this one because there isn’t anything new at all here. I wasn’t aware of this fact when I chose this book from my favorite book review site because the title and the blurb were different enough that I didn’t see the similarity. And, of course, it’s not as if I go through my notes to see if one book by an author is related to another when I’m choosing titles to review. The title and the subtitle of this book are so different from that of the other book. Also, I didn’t really think that the title and subtitle of this one matched up with what was actually in the book. I like my nonfiction descriptions (including title and subtitle) to promise what the book delivers… and for the book to deliver on the promise. I think the author should have actually slightly rewritten what he took from his other book because of this (or changed the title/subtitle). It didn’t really discuss being average, why it sucks, or why staying in your comfort zone is a slow death (all from the title and subtitle). The book is really all about change: why it’s important, why we have difficulty with it, a better mindset to approach it with, etc. I think the author would have served his content better by actually titling and subtitling it what it’s about (or changing the content). Just make it all line up! People do have a hard time embracing change, so that might be why he was reticent. But with the right title, subtitle, and blurb, he could sway hearts and minds I am sure, and this would have been better than the disconnect between content and title.