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Weddings & Weapons*

Murders in Wisconsin

Presley heads off to Sheboygan, Wisconsin, staying at one of her boutique client’s rental properties. She’s gotten a new manager at Silk, and even though Katy’s gone, Presley is able to take a little time off. She goes out to walk on the beach along Lake Michigan and what she thinks might be a big piece of driftwood is actually a dead body! Can’t she get some proper time off? She starts interacting with the locals and gets invited to a wedding. The bride discovers another dead body. What’s going on in this town? Will Presley be in danger.

I missed seeing Presley’s interactions with the familiar characters like Katy and Cooper, but it was fun to see Presley off on her own finding more trouble. I found myself wondering if the author is a Jane Austen fan, as the name of the militia compound was Wickham Place. I liked the slice-of-small-town life we get in this installment of the Presley Thurman Mystery series.