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Wedding Day Shenanigans*

What Happens When Fake Becomes Real?

What a fun read this is! If you can buy into the premise of best friends marrying because he wants to use it as a ploy to get his ex-girlfriend back—which seems a little harebrained to me—this is a delightful contemporary romance. The hero and heroine are very well drawn, and the plot has a lot of twists and turns that take deep dives into both characters’ motivations, goals, emotions, thoughts, and backstory. The author has done a good job putting the reader right in the middle of a very complex relationship that has only gotten more complicated after their decision to have a fake marriage. Their new intimacy of acting like a husband and wife affects them in ways that neither expected, right from the beginning of the scheme. Though they had been longtime friends, this new closeness brings a depth to their relationship that neither wants to admit to. What to do when all that was fake starts to become real?

I didn’t like that the author did use some mild profanity, but I did enjoy the interactions between the hero and the heroine as they tried to sort themselves out of the mess they had gotten themselves into. Both characters had to mature and grow—a burgeoning love which makes them better versions of themselves—which I always love to see in a romance like this.