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Waned by the Viking*

Anglo-Saxon Maid Becomes Obsession of Viking Raider

A Viking raider had become entranced with an Anglo-Saxon woman on a previous raid. Now, he is doing his best to find her again. He wishes to bed and wed her. After a little time, he does find her, but she is unwilling to go along with his wishes as she believes that losing her virginity would decrease her abilities as a healer. He threatens people at the inn where he found her, and she concedes.

There are many issues with this book. Even my brief description above gives a sense of one of them. The author also seems to have a love of exclamation points. They are scattered throughout the text with sometimes several on each Kindle page. It doesn’t look like this book was professionally edited nor was spell check used, as I caught several spelling mistakes, including a number right in the middle of a word and missing letters; the word Viking was even misspelled once. The plot was thin and very steamy. In fact, the plot seems to exist just to give a framework for the intimate moments. Having just done a little reading on the historical Vikings, several blunders caught my eye, one being that they would ever be one king of the all the Vikings. The geographical area of the peoples who did vikingr was vast and spread out; vikingr describes more of an act than a distinct people, and several geographically distinct groups of people had this tradition. I know, I know; I’m being too picky about history in a light piece of erotica!

This is really just Viking erotica, so if that suits your fancy, you might enjoy this book.