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Waiting on You*

Tight, Well-Written Novella

What a delightful novella! The author has clearly had multiple bad times with line cutters, and everything she has the main character Terrin feel or think seems wholly accurate to my experience of that kind of frustration. The author gave a level of detail I was not expecting in such a short a book. I felt myself nod several times as I read Terrin’s experience. The author brilliantly turned this nugget of an idea into a short romance. While Terrin is imagining what she can do to this guy who has cut in line twice when she is picking up her friend’s son, she literally bumped into the bad guy at the grocery store. She lets him know what she thinks of his boorish behavior. They strike up an interesting friendship. Will it lead to more?

Again, for such a short story, the author did a good job with the backstory for the four main characters, the conflict in the meeting between the two principals, their misunderstandings, and the development of the friendship of these two unlikely people. This was a great, under-an-hour read. If you like clean contemporary romance with a little bit of humor and a whole lot of heart, you might enjoy this story.