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Visions of Love*

Slightly Paranormal Twist on Contemporary Romance

This is a contemporary romance with a little twist, a paranormal twist! The heroine, Rosalie, is an empath and medium. Honestly, the romance reads more like any contemporary romance where there is at first an uneven relationship, and one of the characters has a pressing external conflict. The hero, Zade, fell hard and fast for the heroine and pursued her with intensity. He’s a sweet hero who loves dorky, cheesy pick-up lines. I love his compassionate, good-guy nature. Rosalie has had a fair amount of bad experience with men in her young life, and she’s just not sure if she wants to give up a chance for a TV show for something that most likely won’t work out. The romance is a bit more slow burn than you might imagine given the way the hero feels. My only complaint is that is the very interesting empath/medium aspect is not as well integrated into the story as it could and should have been. It’s only mentioned here and there. I would have loved to have known more about all the various things that she perceives about people.