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Well-Written Prologue But Concerned About the Other Books

I was given an ARC of just the prologue for this series. I found the prologue to be well written and engaging. It pulled me right into the story. Even for just a relatively short piece of writing, the author managed to get in a fair amount of drama and a twist at the end that changed everything. One thing that I hadn’t gotten from the book blurb, and one thing that concerns me about the rest of the books in the series, is that there is a hint towards the end of that at least some of the future books will have some form of “marital discipline.” I am not a fan of those types of books, so I hope that I am reading that wrong. The setup for the series is intriguing, but I would hope not to be disappointed if the series turned out to be about men “disciplining” women. That would be a hard pass for me.