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Valentino's Kiss*

Paranormal Investigations Hampered by Gross Grammar Errors

The book starts dramatically as we see the murder of one of the Moretti brothers through his brother Valentino’s eyes. A bullet should not have killed this demon. The remaining brothers call in the PIA, a paranormal investigations unit, to look into this. In this group of investigators is rookie Laura who didn’t do well in all parts of her training, but her unique talent of being able to touch someone and see and sense what they know is an ability that will be of much use to the organization. Her attempt to do this with Valentino gives results she’s never experienced before. Instead of seeing or feeling anything, she is dropped into a void from what she has a hard time returning. Laura has awakened his inner demon who has been dormant for a long time; the demon within desires her as does Valentino.

Why are the demons susceptible to bullets now? Who killed the brother? Are the other brothers in danger? Why does Laura have this strange reaction to Valentino? What will come of this strange pull between the two of them?

This book is written in an engaging and accessible manner. Unfortunately, the book is rife with errors in grammar, punctuation, and usage that far exceed the amount normally found in self-published books. Comma rules seem to be mostly unknown to the author; she forgets them around names, between independent clauses in compound sentences, and after introductory phrases. Periods at the end of sentences were sometimes omitted. There are so many errors that it is distracting. Too bad, because I did find this paranormal tale that had the fate of a race at stake to be interesting.