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Unstable Orbit*

Funny, if Sometimes Unstable, Story

If you enjoy quirky little romantic comedies, this book may be right up your alley. It’s an opposites-attract romance, so it doesn’t look very good for the couple in the first chapter. She chose him—blind—on a reality dating show. I do have a couple of quibbles with the book. One is that I thought that it had too many scenes or snippets of scenes that depicted banal moments in the characters’ lives. All scenes in a novel, and even parts of scenes, need to have a certain level of tension and conflict and move the story forward in some way or reveal character. It’s boring to just read about standard day-in-the-life stuff. I thought, too, that the author had too much of what I call “naked dialogue.” That’s dialogue without any descriptions of what is going on at the time when the line is being spoken. These descriptions can be about so many things—what the characters are thinking, doing, seeing, or hearing. I’m a very visual reader, so I tend to see books happen in my mind, and it’s hard to do that without some descriptions! I thought the pacing of the book was a little uneven. That said, I did enjoy watching the evolving relationship between the hero and heroine, as it did have some very funny moments and at times seemed very true to human nature.