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Two Last First Dates*

Second Last First Date

Just minutes after recommitting themselves to the pledge of one last first date after the first of their group was successful, Paige decides that she’s giving up on romance. Her heart is still broken since Cassie and Will got together, even though she is happy for her friend. She no longer trusts her judgment about men. Two of her friends decide that she can’t give up, and they will find the perfect man for her. She tells them she’s not interested, but they can’t help but suggest a man for her, Josh who works at Bailey’s Cozy Cottage Cafe. She comes around to the concept of dating again, but she chooses another man for her one last first date, Marcus. Paige is also having a little trouble at work. Her boss is very demanding and not understanding.

Will Marcus be her last first date? Should she have gone out on that date with the man her friends suggested instead? Will she stay in a job she hates?

Just like in the first book of the series, these characters and their stories are a delight to read. You can’t help but feel for Paige, as she’s coming down from her disappointment about Will. You further feel for her when you see how abominably her boss treats her. She is a good daughter who takes care of her father and helps him try to manage his diabetes. Her brightest moments are spent at the cafe. The book is told with great humor. I like Josh’s wacky t-shirts. I appreciated, too, the author’s willingness to write a cozy, friendly chick lit romance without crudeness or profanity. How refreshing! Reading it is like a warm hug from an old, dear friend.

If you enjoy contemporary Romance with just a touch of humor and a very sympathetic heroine, you might enjoy this book.