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Not Your Regular Time-Travel Romance

I enjoy time travel novels, so I was curious about this one when I read its description. It definitely seemed different from the typical ones I read. This one starts out in very modern times in the midst of a criminal situation. It actually is quite detailed in discussing the various people and agencies of law enforcement that are involved in all that is happening. The two law enforcement agents don’t get to the past until about 20% of the book, and they don’t realize they’re in the past until about the 33% mark. In fact, they spend their first night in late 1869 Nebraska just thinking that they’ve stumbled upon an older middle-aged couple with an aversion to technology, perhaps part of some kind of a cult.

Some of the modern couples adjustments to life so long ago, like outhouses and chamber pots, were amusing to watch. I could imagine what it would be like in that situation. One of the things that is different in this book, compared to other time-travel romances, is that the romance happens between the two modern characters who go back in time. There aren’t romances between modern individuals and the people back then. They’re very lucky to meet the couple talked about above, as they are good folks who take care of these strangers. The romance aspect was typical, with the push-me, pull-you dance that is always at the core of a love story. There were some issues with grammar, punctuation, and usage. I thought the book was a bit long. It could have done with the judicious hand of a good editor. Apparently, this was originally a longer manuscript that was split into two books. The ending isn’t really a cliffhanger, though; it feels more like this story is just paused.