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Hit All the Wrong Buttons

I loved the book’s beautiful cover, and I find myself intrigued by RH books these days, so I thought I would give this book a try. I’m sorry I did. I will admit that I did not get very far because so many elements of it just turned me off so quickly. First, this book seems to assume that one has a lot of knowledge about alphas, betas, and pack structure. While I have read some shifter books, this book seems to expect more than I know from just casually reading a few books. Then there’s the swearing. I just I’m not a fan of all the profanity that seems to be in so many books these days. It’s an immediate turn off for me. Sometimes I can get past it if I believe it is necessary for characterization, but it’s a massive no-go otherwise. Then there was a talk of a lot of rapes going on. I read books for enjoyment and escape, not to be reminded how brutal life can be. Hard pass.