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Travel as Transformation*

A Very Different, Personal Book About Travel with Call to Action

This book is part manifesto, part travelog, part travel tips, and part call to action to find your truest self through the native-culture-shedding practice of solo travel. The book begins with the manifesto, where the author states plainly why he believes that travel is the key to transformation and understanding of both yourself and the world on levels that may surprise you. He talks briefly about some of his own world travels, which are pretty extensive for a person who is still so relatively young. He branches out into tips like how to approach trials and challenges. He gets almost metaphysical at times, discussing the ways that travel can help you both find your core self but ultimately change it. He definitely advocates for people of all ages to travel, especially alone and without safety nets. That, he says, is how you truly get to better know yourself and discover your possibilities. This is an insightful and intriguing read, especially for anyone who loves to travel or even loves the idea of it. You might find yourself bitten by the travel bug. Interestingly, I read it just a day before the year anniversary of my last foreign travel, and the book has made me want to dig out my passport and see more of the world again.