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Toxic Magnetism*

Needs Organization and Focus

The title and subtitle of this book do not wholly accurately reflect what the contents are. The author seems to imply in the subtitle that this is about the why and how of the toxic relationship between empaths and narcissists. It does include elements of both of those, but they don’t seem to be the main thrust of the book, which appears more to be about what a toxic relationship is and the dynamics of it.

I thought the book had some good information, even though I thought some topics were too short. I also think it needed better organization. The book starts with 15 danger signs of a toxic relationship. Given what the subtitle is, I think it would have been better to start with defining the terms, which comes a bit later in the book, as well as an introductory foreword aimed at the empath, the target audience of this book. This opening section could discuss some of what the book description talked about; namely we can sometimes have toxic patterns in our relationships that repeat over and over with different partners and that this book aims to help break a person out of that mold. Then she should have gone on to the definitions and set up what an empath-narcissist relationship looks like before teaching about how to escape this toxic pattern.

Instead, we are given a loosely organized and somewhat disjointed grab bag of information about empaths, narcissists, and what relationships between them look like. A little at the end has some about getting out of such relationships. Again I thought some information was a bit too skimpy, but there is definitely much food for thought here, especially if you are trapped in a cycle of this kind of destructive relationship and haven’t been able to see the patterns. This book could help you understand them more clearly. All in all, I think this was a good effort that needed more focus.