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To Pillage a Pirate*

Bring a Pirate Home to Dinner…

Belle is working as a barmaid in Tortuga when she makes a bet with a pirate, Aaron. She loses, but after a series of events, she is able to convince him to take her with him when he leaves. She just wants to be dropped off at his next port-of-call to start again. The life she lives is not one that she had imagined as a very young girl, but that changed when she was assaulted by her betrothed as a young teen. She ran away at that time and has never looked back. The pirate believes she could be of use in his next big scheme, posing as his wife while his crew steals a wealthy tradesman’s wealth. Belle has qualms about stealing in general, but this request puts her in even more of a quandary: Her father is Aaron’s mark.

Will Belle go along with Aaron’s plans so that she can continue living on the ship? If she does, what will it like to come home again? Will the past come back to haunt her? What of the family she hasn’t seen in so many years? Will she and Aaron develop feelings for each other? Is Aaron in danger because of his past deeds… and will he pull Belle into it?

I like the strong characterization of both Belle and Aaron. Belle is a strong-willed woman who’s been through a lot in her relatively young life. Aaron is the Robin Hood of the waves. While he does keep some of his booty for himself and his crew, much of it goes to help others who are less fortunate. Much of the story is humorous (which I love), but other parts are heartfelt as well—a lovely combination to read in any book. I love the cover of this book. Not only is it beautiful, but it is definitely reminiscent of the Pirates of the Caribbean.

If you enjoy romantic tales about pirates, you might find this an enjoyable read.

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