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To Marry a Morgan*

Wrong-Headed, Right-Hearted Hero Nearly Bungles it All

What a wrong-headed hero! In this mixed-up tale of brothers and sisters, surviving brother Phillip means to make himself the brother of the woman he loves—whom he believes loved his now dead brother—by marrying her sister in order to make amends, as he believes that he is to blame for his brother’s death. Yes, that sentence could take a little to unpack! Phillip and Julia have loved each other their entire lives, but Phillip believes that she belongs to his deceased brother. So the best that he can do by her, while remaining true to his brother’s memory, is marry her sister. Unbeknownst to Phillip, he has it completely wrong. It is his beloved’s sister, Allison—the one he is going to pursue—who loved his brother and now blames Phillip for his death. How will this get untangled? Will Phillip realize what’s going on in the hearts of the sisters and be true to his own?

It was hard to believe that no one recognized Phillip at first; really, it was only five years, and adults’ looks don’t change THAT much. I felt the conversation and language in this book was a bit stilted at times. You can tell that the author is trying to sound like a more formal Regency book, but the effect fell a little short. I thought some paragraphs were a little too blocky and long. Given the rather complex plot, I thought the length of the story was too short for it fully to be explored. Other than these factors, I actually enjoyed this read, and I found both Julia and Phillip to be engaging and Allison to be rather annoying (in a fun way).