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To Love a Duke*

Too Short Cinderella-type Romance

I wasn’t wild about this book. For one thing, I thought all of the characters sounded alike. I couldn’t distinguish their tones or word choice enough to make them individual. Some language choice seemed a bit over-the-top, even for a historical romance. For instance, the butler at one point actually uses the phrase “commence swimmingly” when referring to the progress on the duke’s birthday bash. This story is a spin on Cinderella, with a seamstress as the heroine. After a very haughty Lady Josephine, whom the dowager duchess wants the duke to marry, accidentally dropped her invitation to the ball in the seamstress shop, Emma and her friend decided that it would be fun if Emma pretended to be a lady and went to the ball. This is a novella, so there wasn’t much time for the romance between the duke and the pretend Lady Emma to develop. This story needed more room to breathe. Probably in just this little bit I’ve told you, you can imagine what was the big black moment in the book. So, it felt a little predictable.