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To Believe a Buccaneer*

Jack Sparrow in 21st Century

Isabelle (Izzy) is planning a surprise for her boyfriend, and she ends up with two surprises herself. Someone claiming to be an 18th-century pirate shows up at her door, soon followed by her boyfriend and a young woman he is clearly more than friends with. She breaks it off with the boyfriend but can’t seem to get rid of the pirate. Until graduation, she helps Johnny, the pirate, learn about life in modern times.

Is Johnny truly a pirate from the past? If so, how did he turn up in modern times? Why did he and Izzy cross paths? At some point, will they be going back to the past together, or will he just go back alone?

After having read the first book of the series, I was surprised when this book I started off in the present. The cover, too, had me thinking that we would be back in the pirate past right from the get-go. but it certainly works in this context to have a contemporary section. This book had a surprising amount of humor, and it kept me turning pages just to see what silly thing would be said or done next. Johnny is definitely a pirate along the lines of Captain Jack Sparrow, though he sounds to be a little bit more attractive. This book does have violence and steamy intimate moments.

If you enjoy pirate romance, time travel romance, or romance with humor, you might enjoy this book.