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Timeless Beginnings*

Awesome Historical Time-Travel Romance!

What a different and delightful book! I really enjoy time-travel romance, but because of the very popular Outlander series, most time-travel romance seems to be Scottish. I quite enjoy that sub-subgenre, but what a delight to find just such a very different time-travel story. This is actually historical in two different ways. The heroine came forward from 1725 when she was drawn into a blue vortex in a cave when she was fleeing on her wedding night. She ends up in 1963 Bolivia on a salt flat. The author did an excellent job in the very beginning contrasting the hero and the heroine. The heroine’s section was first, and it sounded like any good historical romance. She even called herself a ninnyhammer. Then, the story switched to the hero in 1963, and he is a CIA spy who is undercover at an oil company while trying to figure out what’s going on with the political situation in Bolivia. The change to his part of the story actually sounded a bit like a thriller, much more hard edged than the heroines perspective. I thought that she started to acclimate a little too quickly to the 1960s given the significant time difference. But this book was still just an absolute delight. The two had an instant attraction to each other, but he wanted to hold back and protect her. Just lovely from beginning to end.