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Time of My Life*

Love Boat Meets Dirty Dancing

In this installment of our literary Love Boat, the cruise ship Aphrodite, Janey is a dance instructor and performer on board. She and one of the male passengers, Frank, work on creating a special number for the end-of-cruise performance after her previous partner can’t do it. But is it really just dance lessons, or is there becoming to be more to their relationship? If the latter, what will that mean for Janey and her job, as the company has a strict can’t-date-the-passengers rule?

This is a light and sweet beach read that definitely has derives somewhat from the movie classic Dirty Dancing, although there is a gender switch in the roles. It’s delightful fun to watch the evolving relationship between Jamie and Frank as the dance lessons go on. The end was absolutely perfect. I would have liked to have seen an epilogue to glimpse where their relationship went beyond at the cruise ship. But I did enjoy this love story even if I felt it stopped somewhat abruptly.