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Tiaras & Texans*

Murder at a Beauty Pageant

Presley is not too thrilled that her first assignment with Cooper’s security company is at a teenage beauty pageant. Cooper explains that as one of the few females on the team she’ll have access to areas that the men can’t or shouldn’t go to. They barely arrive at the pageant when one of the contestants is found dead.

Is the girl a victim of foul play? What enemies could a teenage girl have? Do any of the other contestants have it out for her?

This was a fun and different setting for this cozy mystery series. Presley is not the type of girl to appreciate a beauty pageant! She does, of course, appreciate getting tangled up in a mystery. I love the interaction between Presley and Cooper in this book. The first chapter alone, where Presley is not happy about this assignment, was priceless. The author has come a long way making these two characters so distinct and unique. After having read several of this series in a row, it’s interesting to see the characters’ evolution through the series as well as how the author just gets better and better at working with them.

If you enjoy cozy mysteries with a fun protagonist to follow, you might enjoy this installment of the Presley Thurman Mystery series.