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Three Wishes*

Unusual Spin on 3-Wish Trope

We’ve all seen or read stories of trickster genies who give the lamp owner three wishes, but then twist them so that they get what they want but not in the way that they imagine (or want). This book takes that old mythical trope and plays with it in a most delightful way. The hero is jinn (I know it is usually spelled djinn, but not here), and in this world, jinn live to make contracts with people who want three wishes, and then they do their best to do bad things (usually) with those wishes. When the story opens, Dae thinks his next mark is going to be just a regular job, but from the start, it is very different for him. This story had all sorts of great elements to it: a budding but unlikely romance that surprises both in the couple, complex family dynamics,  and moments where characters really question themselves. The book pulled me right in, and I felt empathy for the heroine right away because of how her future ex-husband was treating her. I enjoyed the varying characters of the Blackwood brothers and look forward to future books in the series that might feature them. A compelling and fascinating read!