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Three Last First Dates*

A Last First Date for a Commitment Phobe?

Marissa is quite willing to admit that she is a commitment-phobe. Despite this, some time ago she made a pact with some girlfriends that their next date would be their last first date. In the previous two books of this series, two of her friends found their true loves. Marissa decides to ratchet the idea up a notch, and she plans three first dates for one day, figuring that her odds will be better if she can choose one last date from three of them! The book really picks up when she goes on these dates. She even starts to get a little self-awareness about the way she self-sabotages herself and relationships.

Will one of these men be her last first date? Or will an old boyfriend turn out to be her best choice? Will she make other insights into herself and her past?

Marissa was at times a comical character involved in funny situations (loved the dog slobber kiss!). The three very different dates and her reactions to them were a hoot to read. The author details them thoroughly. Oh, my gosh! Loved the first date with the mortician and his pride-and-joy project! She could be a bit shallow, like comparing all of the men she might be interested in to movie stars. I enjoyed reading her thoughts, actions, and reactions to all that happens to her as she tries to sort herself out and truly figure out what she wants. In her interactions with her chosen man, it is clear that she wrestles with her commitment phobia. I like it when even in a romance a character becomes more self-aware and grows and changes in a positive way. The end was simply awesome, as Marissa overcomes two, not one, fears.

I’ve enjoyed the three books in this series so far, though I think book two about Paige is still my favorite. I love that the author writes sexy and romantic stories that aren’t tawdry or laced with gratuitous sex and profanity. She writes fantastic, classy love stories with heroes and heroines that you can relate to easily and root for. Marissa’s story was fun yet insightful about the strange ways that we protect ourselves in ways that aren’t always in our best interest. That this was done with humor is a testament to the author’s skill.