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Third Husband's the Charm*

Oh, What a Tangled Web We Weave

What a very different historical romance! It’s quite a complicated tale, so I can’t really do it justice in the short space of a review. Suffice to say that the heroine is very strong-willed and has devised a rather creative plan to help get her due in a system that is definitely set up against women. She needs a man to make it work, and the man she chooses, poor Percy, believes that he is losing his mind like his father before him. In fact, he believes her when she tells him that they married, even though he has no memory of it. These are both fascinating and complex characters, and what begins as a sham marriage instigated by the heroine to help her dire circumstances becomes a true one of good-hearted, deserving people. I quite enjoyed the interactions between the family members and the couple as well. The heroine didn’t know what she was getting involved in when she set up her plan! A very good historical romance read.