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Thinner in an Instant Cookbook*

Tasty Collection of Healthful Instant Pot Recipes

In this delightful Instant Pot cookbook, the author shares a variety of recipes that are under 350 calories per serving. While many Instant Pot cookbooks exist, this author writes with an engaging personality that is both cheerleader and instructor. It feels as though she is not just helping you use your appliance for cooking healthier, but she also wants you to succeed in achieving your goals. The book has an excellent tip section with information about using the electronic pressure cooker as well as healthy cooking ideas in general, some of which go beyond the use of an Instant Pot.

The book’s organization is slightly unorthodox, not focusing on protein types, but usually on the kind of dish. Some recipes use the pressure cooker to precook ingredients for things like wraps, sandwiches, and salads. There are recipes as well for one-dish meals, soups & stews, and protein-side combinations. There are even healthy desserts. The recipes are simply written in an easy-to-read style, which I think is essential in Instant Pot cookbooks.

If you’re hoping to use your Instant Pot to help make not just fast recipes for your family but low-calorie ones, this book is full of tips and recipes that will help get you there.