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Thief of Cahraman*

Gender Switch Aladdin and Other Fairytale Characters

In this gender switch retelling of Aladdin, we soon meet other prominent fairytale characters, like Bonnie (who is Belle of Beauty and the Beast) and Ella (Cinderella, naturally) who are or will become characters in future novels of this series. But the focus of this book is Adelaide, a thief who is soon threatened by a witch who wants her to pull off a heist. If Adelaide fails to comply, the witch will harm people she has come to see as family. To be able to pull off this heist, she must participate as a noblewoman in a contest for the prince of the land.

This story is enchantingly written; I love retellings and recastings of myths and fairy tales, so I can be a soft touch where they’re concerned. Adelaide is the narrator, and the writing is in the first person. Adelaide has lived a life of struggle, and even though she is a thief, she has an inherently honorable nature and does care about the few who have become a part of her life after years of being on the run. She is only drawn to do what the witch asks because of this concern for those she cares about. She proves again and again the lengths she will go to. It was interesting to watch her play-act in order to be able to attempt the heist. She is a strong lead who also evokes sympathy in the reader because of her painful past and her simple desires for home, peace, and family.

This book does end on a cliffhanger… so be warned… and ready to buy the next book in the series.