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The Winnowing*

An Odd Mishmash of Sci Fi, Mythology, and Sex

I hardly know what to make of this book. It takes place in contemporary times, and the Greek goddesses known as The Fates, who rule over the time of life and death, are reanimating. The goddesses do not like the idea that scientists are tampering with those subjects, infringing upon their domain.

A man named Jack is the narrator, and he is intimately involved in these women’s lives, sometimes creepily so. In fact, there are definitely many cringe-worthy moments in this book. Jack as the narrator often tells rather than shows and makes comments that display more knowledge than he would have had if he was simply talking about the moment. I am more accustomed to books that live in the moment of what is being told or shown; I find this kind of high-level omniscience distancing as a reader.

This book has gotten really high reviews from others and glowing praise within the comments. I just don’t see it. We each have our own tastes, of course, but I did not find this book appealing in the least.