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The Way We Met*

The Meet-cutes of Ten Couples Across Time

What a lovely collection of ten somewhat long short stories that each highlight how a particular couple met. The stories range in time from the late 1800s to now. They are written alternating between the hero’s and the heroine’s perspectives in the first person. I would have liked to have seen the POV mixed up a little in these stories, as the first person can be a little tedious to read for such a long time, especially when you’re constantly switching characters. In these stories, the author is able to give a real sense of both time and place, from Ellis Island in the late 1800s to Midwestern farms. Even though these are relatively short, she is able to make each of the characters distinct. In the brief span of time that we see these couples, I felt like I got to know the characters and became invested in their stories. Each story could be read in about the time of a break or a lunch, perfect for reading while at work.

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