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The Viscount and the Vixen*

Excellent Regency Story

This is a delightfully well-written Regency romance. The author has made characters who seem believable, and the hero and heroine, at least, are not prone to excesses or melodrama. (I’ll admit that I’m not quite sure why the heroine is called a vixen in the title.} The heroine’s cousin, however, is a good example of the simpering, pouty Regency miss who insists on getting her own way. The author has set up an interesting plot here. The hero wants to wed quickly because of a scandal brewing in his family; he thinks that having a wife will make it all more respectable. He finds an old agreement that his father had done up between him and another man’s daughter, and so he chooses that route. That young girl is quite spoiled and not too pleased that her father has decided to marry her off before she has had a proper season. The hero himself, Gideon, is a bit surprised to see the girl’s cousin is a young woman whom he was enamored with several seasons ago before she accepted another man’s proposal. There’s actually a lot of detail here, and what I related might seem a little convoluted or hard to understand, but it doesn’t make sense within the story.

The hero and heroine do find a way out of the dilemma that he’s gotten himself into with the cousin; they decided to elope to Scotland. Much needs to be done with all that is going on in the Somers family. How will the new viscountess be in this world that she is now thrust into? Can the family avoid scandal?

There are parts of this book that were actually quite funny in a surprising way. Regency isn’t particularly known for being humorous. There were especially some moments between the cousins that I found particularly funny. During the elopement, things got surprisingly steamy pretty fast compared to how things were for them before. In fact, the second half of the book is quite a steamy read. All in all, I thought this was a well-written book with good characters and just enough of a different kind of a plot.