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The Unwilling Viscount and the Vixen*

Language Issues & Not a Lot of Romance

Rosalind is willing to participate in an arranged marriage to a man she doesn’t know and who has lost much of his memory because she wants security and a family of her own. She doesn’t believe this will happen through a more typical route because she has gifts that make her townspeople call her a witch. For his part, Lucien, the hero, does not really wish to marry again; he’s more interested in finding out who was responsible for the death of his first wife and unborn child.

I actually found this book difficult to read because the author misuses so many words and phrases while trying to make this historical novel seem to have elevated language. Many choices were just flat out wrong or not wholly appropriate given what was being said or described. Some of the reactions of the characters seemed overblown. For instance, when Rosalind was on her way for the initial meeting at the castle, did she really have to screw up every last bit of her courage just to look out the carriage window? If that were really true, events later in the book should have totally paralyzed her. A lot went on to make this seem more gothic and suspenseful than a straight-up historical romance. Unfortunately, it felt like this entirely overshadowed the romance. There really wasn’t much of an evolution of the romantic relationship. It seems like they were at odds for most of the book (and often separated) until the end when they suddenly loved each other (without having to do the work to get there). Also, I didn’t really see how the heroine was a vixen at all. With so many strange things happening around the castle, it seems odd that the hero would tell her to stay there to remain safe. At the end, I found myself wondering if the author shouldn’t have changed the last line since the title has been changed.

Because of the issues with language and the lack of the build of a true romance in the book, I can’t recommend this book.