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The Triple Threat Guided Workouts*

Workouts Safe for the Keto Diet and Intermittent Fasting

On Amazon, the title and book description state that this book is meant to be an audio book buddy for you to use during a workout. I’m not exactly sure how that works on the Amazon end, but when I got this from my favorite online book review site, it came as just a regular Kindle book. I think something is lost in the translation just looking at the words of an audiobook such as this. The author is a trainer who has created what she believes are effective workouts for her clients who are on the keto diet and use intermittent fasting. She has designed workouts that have three key elements, stretching and flexibility, low-level cardio, and stability exercises. She states that her clients have had very good results with this. The core of this book is essentially 12 different workouts. She wants you to set up a month’s long exercise regimen of three workouts per week, with at least a day off in between, so each of the 12 workouts is for one session. The exercises looked basic and good, appropriate for someone who is putting their body in a stress state. If you are into keto and intermittent fasting and have been wondering what to do for your workouts, this book may be just what you are looking for.