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The Train Guy*

Will The Train Guy Live Up to the Fantasy?

This is a quirky little Australian rom-com that takes the concept of seeing the same stranger daily and having a little fantasy life about that person to a whole new level. The heroine of the story commutes by train to her job at a hotel. She’s just come off a bad breakup, and while on the train, she finds herself fantasizing about a person she simply calls The Train Guy; she gives quite a few passengers a name: Turban Guy, Knitting Lady, Cardigan Lady, etc. He’s tall, handsome, and spends the ride reading books. She ends up building quite a fantasy life around him in her head and even becomes a bit stalker-ish. She is trying to get her life back on track after the break-up, so she takes on some boarders to help with the rent and decides to go for a new position at work. One of the boarders is a male friend of a friend. So, this book looks at her made-up life of stories about The Train Guy, her job, and her friends, family, and boarders. She actually does meet The Train Guy and has an extended conversation with him, which is fascinating to watch unfold after reading how she had built him up in her mind. There is definitely a little more swearing than I like to see in a book, but some of it is contextual to character. If you’ve ever created little fantasies about a stranger, you may very well enjoy this book.