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The Taboo Conversation*

It Isn’t Over Until It’s Over

How to start talking about the taboo conversation! This is a guide to dating, intimacy, and sex for women over 50. The author was inspired to do so after having a frank, impromptu, but fascinating discussion about sex with two women in their 60s and 70s. In this book, the author gives a ringing endorsement to all manner of intimacies as people approach later middle age and in old age itself. She first talks about attracting a mate and dating if you don’t already have a significant other. She touches on topics like cheating, body image as a woman ages, and protection. Then, as she says, she gets to the good stuff, the seduction and sex itself, whether you prefer vanilla or multiple flavors. She also doesn’t shy away from talking about potential problems and pitfalls and how to avoid or solve them. In most chapters, she touches on how sex and intimacy change as we age, mentally and physically.

The book feels like a conversation you would have with a more experienced girlfriend who knows a lot about and cares about sex. There are a few naughty words here, as you may expect, but surprisingly, not as many as you might think given the topic. But this is certainly not a book for prudes, as the author discusses all these topics openly and without hesitation. The book is a fun and sometimes enlightening read. I loved the quotes about sex and intimacy throughout the book as well as the random collection of fun facts at the end. More than one made me smile.