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The Sweetest Poison*

Overlong and a Little Odd

It is hard to know what to say about this book. For one thing, it is very long. Now, I have read some long books in my day—a couple of eight- and nine-hundred-page books by Katherine LeVeque come to mind—so I’m no stranger to long fiction. But for a book that is supposed to be a mystery, which should have some tight suspense—and it’s even listed as a thriller—the length felt ponderous; it was not a page-turner. I felt like the book was paced too slowly, and the story did sometimes meander off into strange territory that didn’t improve the overall arc of the book. The beginning of the book, to about the 7% mark, gives us a glimpse into the heroine’s childhood. Like other parts of the novel, the section felt repetitive. I feel like it would have packed more of a punch if it were condensed, much like the rest of the book. I enjoyed the contemporary Scottish setting, but I didn’t really enjoy the rest of the book.


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