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The Soul Frequency by Shanna Lee*

Not Quite What I Was Expecting from the Subtitle and Blurb

I am trying, and having a hard time, to put my finger on exactly what this book is about. What the author says in the subtitle and the blurb of the book doesn’t quite match up with my experience of it. It felt like a series of small essays about things that happened in her life where she learned something, and each of these little essays ends with a series of questions for you to ponder the theme of the essay (or ideas brought up in it). Some of it was interesting and insightful, but a lot of it felt like just navel-gazing without depth or true purpose, an all too common ailment of books written by personal coaches. If you already know and like this author, you will most likely find this book that delves into much of her personal life (and the insights gleaned) to be interesting. As someone for whom this book is the first introduction to the author, at times I felt like I was experiencing a bit of TMI overload.

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