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The Soldier's Poem*

Well-Written Time-Travel Romance

What an unusual and cracking good read! I’ll admit that I enjoy a good time travel romance, but this is definitely different from most and superior in so many ways. For one thing, it is clear that the authors—and this is written by three authors who go under one pen name—have done an amazing amount of research into the Civil War, including things like soldiers’ slang. When we first meet the heroine, she’s almost incomprehensible because of all the 19th century Civil War slang she speaks in. It was cool for a little while, but I’m glad that eased up. The meet-cute between the romantic couple in the story was memorable. She shoots him! She just suddenly appears in his recently deceased uncle’s quirky second-hand bookstore that he is trying to get ready for the new buyer. In her mind, she has just come from the front lines, and as he is wearing a gray sweater and is in fact in Maryland, she believes him to be a rebel. She shoots him and takes him hostage! He tries to convince her it is modern times, but she just isn’t buying it. He actually thinks that she is a really method Civil War re-enactor. It takes them both a bit to fully understand what is happening and what they need to do about it. While they’re trying to figure it all out and make everything right, they start falling for each other. What will happen between them when she wants to go back to her time to finish the big battle?

This book is so well done in just so many ways. The book pulls you right in, and the authors do have a flair for words, writing very descriptive passages that don’t overshadow or detract from the action. In the beginning especially, it is an immersive read. We get the perspectives of both Benetta and Jack; I love seeing her takes on the modern world as she is trying to puzzle it out. Despite the bizarre circumstance they are in, the characters are believable and relatable. The plot keeps moving along well. If you enjoy time-travel romance or books about the Civil War, you might find this unique time travel romance right up your alley.