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The Simple Life Guide to RV Living*

Beginner’s Guide to RVing

If you’ve ever considered giving up your home or apartment and living in an RV, this book has information about the different types of RVs as well as tips for RV living. The first third of the book or so isn’t so much about this but more about the author’s take on downsizing your life (perhaps a little repetitious if you’ve read his other books), the history of vehicles and RVs, and his own personal story about taking this path. I found some of this part of the book a little tedious, as I was just wanting to get to the information. The rest of the book, though, is chock-full of information and insights for those who are completely new to the idea of RVing permanently (or those considering doing so). You won’t learn everything you need to know about making this lifestyle leap, but it will give you much food for thought and practical guidelines.