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The Shadow Reigns*

Recovery and Retribution

Hunter is recovering in the days after the conflagration that ended the last book. He’s made his manor house a place where the MMC and the military can gather as they figure out their next move against the Shadow Witch.

I thought that that first part moved a bit slowly. It would seem to me that the MMC and the military would want to be more proactive in going after the Shadow Witch. I think it might have been interesting to have some chapters that were based in Sophie’s world. She was such a great character in the previous book that only grew more intriguing. Alternating between Hunter’s world and Sophie’s world could have been a great point-counterpoint that could have sharpened the tension and the conflict in the book. The book does have some surprises; we do lose at least one person who we’ve come to respect as a character.

While this book has slightly improved from the last, this book has a fair number of issues with grammar, punctuation, and usage. And I’m not talking about British English vs. American English. There are more than a few comma splices as well as other places where commas are not used correctly. Capitalization seems to be inconsistent in places.

This is definitely not a stand-alone book. The series should be read in sequence if you are interested in it. While this installment is a little slow, if you enjoyed the world that was set up in the previous book, you’re most likely be interested to see where it goes next. After this one, I’m definitely wanting to see what will be happening in book three.