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The Shadow Falls*

Not Alone in the World

After the decimation of the witch hunters at the end of the last book, Hunter is on his own and trying to learn more about his unique skills. He has vivid, detailed dreams of what his life with Sophie might have been or could possibly be. Hunter isn’t as alone as he thinks.

I read the three books in this trilogy in rapid succession. I found this book to be better paced than the last one. Hunter was much more active as opposed to being in waiting mode as he was in much of the previous book. I like the addition of the dream sequences; not only were they so different from what was actually going on, but it made you wonder if they were what could have been or what may yet come. I’m not sure if I’m 100% satisfied with the end. I do like some new characters that were added to this book; they had to be added after so many were lost in the last one. This book had some issues with grammar and punctuation, especially in the later part of the book. I also thought the text was strangely formatted, making it hard to read. Most fiction books are formatted with the first line of a paragraph indented while non-fiction books often have block paragraphs with visual space between them. Unfortunately, this book had block paragraphs with no spaces between them, making them appear to run all together, which was hard to read.

If you enjoyed the other books in this series, you would most likely appreciate the culmination of it.