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The Secret Life of Lords*

Gothic Themes and Delectable Romance

If you enjoy Gothic-style romance, this book will most likely be right up your alley. The hero and heroine have a past with misunderstandings, but when they meet again, sparks fly. Their lives become joined when she helps his ward, who is physically ill but also mentally unstable. The hero wants the heroine back in his life but knows that everything in his world is topsy-turvy. He loves her and doesn’t want his burdens to diminish her sparkle. But can they deny their attraction? What will this mentally unstable ward do?

The author has an evocative way of describing items, settings, and emotions. She ramps up the drama in several places in perfect Gothic style. The hero isn’t as dark as most Gothic heroes, but the secrets he keeps and the circumstances that surround the entire novel are worthy of that genre.  The hero and the heroine have chemistry. I liked that the heroine stood up for herself when she needed to; she wasn’t quite as strong in the beginning of the book, so it was lovely to see her grow into herself. I love personal character arcs in romances like that. The chaperone provided a dry, lovely comic relief. This is the first book I’ve read by this author, and I found the twists and the turns of the plot as well as the deftly defined characters to be fascinating to follow.