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The Satyr's Secret*

Delightful Worldbuilding and Characters in Paranormal Cozy Mystery

Things have been quiet in Brimstone, but now it appears that three witches have gone missing at the Mirella Retirement Village. Blythe sends Cassia and Stanley to investigate. They are at first thwarted by the grandson of one of the witches, Trent, but he soon joins their investigation. It appears that his grandma has a spellbook that reveals dark secrets.

Is karma paying back Trent’s grandma? Is Trent really helping or harming? What about the healing blue flowers that are so much a part of the village?

This is the first book I have read by this author. She has quite a way with describing settings as well as constructing a complex plot that’s still in the realm of a paranormal cozy. Stanley is an excellent character; I don’t think I’ve read another book that had such an awesome, human-like familiar. I was feeling Cassia’s horror right along with her when things didn’t look so good for the cat. I love the descriptions of the retirement village. Could you imagine living in such a place? The fun zone, the woods, the quiet place–I think I’d love it!

This is an absolutely delightful cozy, and if you enjoy paranormal ones, you might find this a very engaging and enjoyable read.