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The Revelstoke Legacy*

Interesting Plots & Characters; Writing Style Lacked

This box that is a collection of three novels that are connected by the Revelstoke Legacy, which is revealed in the first book. The legacy is mysterious and vast, so it adds interest to each book. I enjoyed the plots and the characters in these books, but I found the author’s writing style to be lacking on several fronts. I thought the language, both in dialogue and the narrative portions, sounded stilted, as if the author was trying to affect historical speech but missed the mark. There were often long passages of plain narration that seemed to slow down the forward motion of the stories. After all, each of these books has an element of suspense; romantic books with suspense plots and mystery should be faster paced than books that are just about romance. I did like the last book’s emphasis on herbology; I love it when little bits like that are included in a book.  All in all, I found this box set to be a disappointment, which is too bad as I do enjoy historical romantic suspense.