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The Realm of Silence*

Enjoyable Chase and Romance

It might be silly, but I do love a historical romance book with a good chase! Much of this book is a journey through England and Scotland to first find missing children who deliberately left school in an attempt to track down a spy, and the story continues as the main characters try to figure out what the children have discovered. It was fun to track the story all over Britain. I particularly liked Gil, the hero. He and the heroine had been childhood friends, and as might be typical for youngsters, their relationship had aspects of love/hate. But Gil is a good man and wants to help his former friend in her hour of need. Along the journey, their relationship evolves in a way that is delightful to watch.

There are some issues with this book. While the author did better at maintaining conflict and suspense compared to some of her other books that I have read, I still felt like there were some unnecessary scenes that didn’t really have much of a dramatic impact, move the story forward, or show character. When she attempted to mimic a Scottish accent, it was practically unreadable. Here is an example: “But ’en he got aw radge, and up the twois ay them went tae the bed chamber.” I’m still not quite sure what all of that was supposed to mean. That is very distracting because I just want to know what the person said and keep moving!  There were some other issues with grammar, punctuation, and usage. All in all, I enjoy the chase and the romance enough so that they outweighed these other issues.